A nice browser with the appearance of Office 2007


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In spite of the of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera´s, undeniable dominance there are still a few browsers which attempt to equal and even surpass what is offered by the main web browsers.

Hydra is a free application for Windows that lets you visit your favorite websites using a really good-looking interface that is modeled on Microsoft Office 2007.

The speed with which websites are loaded is quite a nice surprise, it´s as fast as Internet Explorer, which is understandable considering that, at least for now, they both use the same rendering engine.

Hydra comes with a profile administrator, different browsing modes, support for bookmarks, a built-in RSS reader, an online radio player, tabbed browsing, integrated YouTube downloads, a translator and even a few internet tools such as Filezilla and Putty.

Requires .Net Framework 2.0 .

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